Bitcoin is the ultimate disruptive technology

Bitcoin is the ultimate disruptive technology that is transforming nearly every industry now and into the future with massive gains in value

Bitcoin is the ultimate disruptive technology

The best performing asset you will see in your life

What if Bitcoin was future poof and you were guaranteed a return every year for the next 15 years.

However if you hold local currency it will go down by over half in the same time frame.

Plus property prices will lose value against the almighty dollar along the way.

Where would you be with all your savings.

If you have no skin in the game you can not win the game.

In the US the feds are increasing the money supply by over 20% a year which is devaluing current supply.

Fiat refers to the the local currency ex US dollars. Yen,Rubble

In many countries Fiat is depreciating at an alarming rate therefore the cost of basic supplies grows alarmingly and harming the poor and even affecting the rich as they watch their savings disappear.

Why Bitcoin can not make it explained

There have been many concerns about Bitcoin with a bundle of press telling you why Bitcoin can not make the grade.

China does not accept Bitcoin so it won’t work.
Yes China was anti bitcoin however it has made no difference. Banning it grew the coin in the real world.

China bans Bitcoin mining so the whole system will fail.
The Chinese based miners simply up stakes and moved to a new country without political pressure.

Bitcoin uses too much energy and affects Greenhouse gasses and global warming.
The miners now use renewable resources and excess capacity thus eliminating the problem.

The Elon Musk effect on Bitcoin.
Elon bought bitcoin, sold some, used them to sell cars then stopped, talked about energy wastage.
Elon is currently carrying a Billion dollar gain on his bitcoin, he is satisfied that the energy situation is in control and in fact just applied to start selling Tesla cars with Bitcoin again.
Musk recognises that the us market is facing high inflation and that his asset base is being written down in value and that Bitcoin is a future hedge against inflation.

The US feds will ban Bitcoin and tax the increased value.
With the massive adoption of Bitcoin world wide it is too big a monster to tame. furthermore taxing capital gains is against the constitution thus will never happen.

The el Salvador experiment will fail.
All reports say this has been a huge success and that several countries are looking to follow the example. Should these come on soon it will be a gold rush.

Criminals will use it for all their illegal activities.
Unfortunately for the crims the paper trail with the Blockchain ledgers can not be changed so they have gone back to Fiat trading.

The average value holding of Bitcoin is not all that scary.

In fact at the current pricing levels the average holder is just $4000 or 0.06 of a whole coin.

It is a playing field available to anyone so why are you not in the game?

The changing demographic

Over the last two years many corporations and investment groups have entered the Market. Investment houses like Ark Investments, Micro Strategy, Breedlove, Greyscale, Tesla and Square.
An interesting new development is that the big end mining operations traditionally sold the earned coins to pay for costs and bank the profit.
They now borrow money from loans or public subscriptions and keep the Bitcoin for a future value.
Riot has 2243 coins and Hut Mining over 3500 on their data base.

When banks see the value it will be too expensive

Eventually the Banking industry will realise that Bitcoin is the only hedge against inflation. By this time the available remaining coins will be all gone and the price will rocket.
Even the Miners only have a five year future before they have mined all available options. However there holdings by that time will be worth so much that selling will not be an option.

At this stage, Visa, Master Card, Paypal and Bank of America card all recognise and accept that Bitcoin in a safe and useable product.

Bitcoin is the ultimate disruptive technology and still in its infancy.

Disruptive technologies take time to be recognised

Companies that have changed the way we live are growing at a fast pace however that has not always been the way.

Bitcoin is the ultimate disruptive technology

If we had recognised any one of these industries in the start up years we could all be multi Millionaires by now. Each one of these radically changed the world it their own way and become a way of life.

Interestingly Face book took just 9 years to reach the Mighty 1T however we can all do without Social media but not the other ways to our life.

Furthermore whilst Tesla took 18 years it was only after Musk bought in that the company grew so basically 12 years adoption and only just starting. Like Bitcoin, Tesla still has many doubters as they grow production capacity to achieve world dominance.
When Tesla started the EV market was just a novelty however every car company in the world is now playing catch up.
Like Bitcoin the adoption of Tesla is in its infancy and the future will herald massive change.

It takes the general population some time to recognise the value of new technologies and Bitcoin is certainly one of them.
Every form of transactions made between people will be subject to an Altcoin of some kind. This is the future and the old ways of money will be gone sometime in the coming decade. Crypto will take over everything we do from day to day banking, voting, document transfer etc.


My aim in this post is simply to show you potential future value and to offer a guide to how disruptive technologies take time to be accepted by the general population.

We might not understand a Smartphone however recognise Apple as the first adopter and the catalyst for change.

Amazon is simply a reseller of products, they don’t make anything they just do Box shipping around the world however they changed the home market like no one else.

Google permeates our lives in so many ways. From a simple search to world maps that have entered our conscience without disruption or understanding.

The world is changing and change has made it a better place and will continue to so well into all our futures.

Bitcoin is the ultimate disruptive technology by Peter Hanley

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